Do You Know How To Spot A Fad Diet?

With obesity predicted to affect over fifty percent of the population by 2050, the age of ‘celebrity diets’ and ‘lose weight quick progammes’ has grown in popularity. From the cabbage diet to the Hollywood 24 to the Factor 5 diet, each of these weight loss diets all claim to quicken weight loss and   increased rejuvenation.

Can they help you to lose weight?

On occasion… Aside from helping you to witness quick weight loss, ninety percent of slimmer’s have revealed minute weight losses of just 1-3 pounds before plateauing after 2 weeks.

More disappointingly, once they stopped following these dietary fad meals they immediately regained all lost weight.

But are they safe?

Whilst these can help you to benefit from instant weight loss, most cannot be used for over 2 weeks

Limiting the amount o nutrients needed to ensure your body is working at maximum levels, many involve lowering your calorie consumption to below 1,000 calories a day - if not less – over half your recommended daily allowance.

Supported by heavy sessions in the gym and constant calorie checking, most of these diets run the risk of causing you to feel quezy, tired, unable to think straight and more worryingly stop you from functioning properly - None of which are dangerous for your health.

How can you spot them?

Proclaiming to offer you a fast solution to your body concerns, you can often spot a fad diet by their:

•    Too good to be true claims
•    Minimal of clinical case studies
•    Elimination of one or more of the five recommended food groups
•    Recommendations from studies without reviews from other researchers

When picking a dietary fad or dietary pill, it is vital  to deeply research their studies first before including them into your eating habits. If there is no proof that they can achieve quality weight loss, then they are too good to be true.